14 February, 2024

Good News from the Village :)


Good News :)

We are planning to do a little Dinkie Music Festival at the Beach... A bunch of super talented and popular Human live-Singers from the grid will turn into Dinkies and perform for you! The complete line-up will be published in a bit!

Get excited and save the Date :))

♥ Lycia

If you know any talented live singer who is ready to rock the stage with his (new) Dinkie Avi please get into contact with Seli Blackmore inworld. Seli is our artist manager - but as far as I heard there are only a few slots left for Sunday (March 24th).

We are going to have an AFTERSHOW PARTY on Saturday night (march 23rd) with DJ NOFU :))... and maybe some more fun stuff around this little event... stay tuned :)

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