19 December, 2023

New at Petite Village Christmas Market :) Get ready for New Years Eve

 This weeks Update:

Fia Party Dress

Eli Smoking Suit

Fia Party Dress is brand new out at - well rather a little outside of the Market because it was already stuffed with fashion, accessories and decor :)

*DB* DINKIES FIA PARTY DRESS come ins 3 color variations: silver - rose - gold

the clutch and the heels shown in the pic are also available separately at "Fia Booth"
but you should check the content of the dress before you moan about the pricing - it comes with some very nice goodies! - and is really really pretty itself.

*DB* DINKIES ELI SMOKING SUIT come as a complete look: smoking jacket and trousers, Dress Shirt with collar add-on and Bow tie, socks and classy oxford shoes.

The Smoking Suit has a shimmery style and makes a perfect Party Look but might also be your first choice for a show or stage outfit... 


This is going to be my last release for this year. I really need a bit of rest - and Cabaret still needs a few  last touches


See you January 6th at the latest for the new DINKIE CABARET SHOW :))

LM will be send out in time.

♥ Lycia and Nofu

05 December, 2023

We finally have a new Subscriber for PETITE VILLAGE


Hello Hello,

our recent Petite Village Subcriber was no longer supported and stopped working weeks ago.

So, if you already started to ask yourself why I'm so qiete - this is why :)

Now, finally we have a new SUBRIBER for the complete Village set up.

Please hit the wall panel if you are around and do not want to miss the News from the Village like cool events (like the Cabaret Show), new releases, gifts, parties...

Thank you ! ♥ Lycia

New Release at Christmas Market at the Village ♥


                                          *DB* DINKIES EMELINE FRENCH COAT

I have just released this cute little coat at Petite Village Christmas Market!

It comes in black - beige - vintage blue - and old pink

If you cannot decide on your favorite color: check out the Fatpack :))

The hat is now available too. Please check the hatboxes at the left side of the Booth.


♥ Lycia

Get into shape with YOGA :)

  *AvaLittle* DINKIES NAMASTE YOGA RETREAT at the new *AvaLittle* SKY SHOP and brand new matching Yoga Outfits new at BOMBOX ♥ Lycia