17 February, 2022

SPRING MAKRKET SNEAK PEEEEEK :) - coming next week!


Coming to SPRING MARKET in a bit :)

It is soo cold and stormy over here but look... this is how I feel! Maybe I can convince the weather with a tiny sneak peek :)))

See you next week!! Please bring sun and happy mood. Rezzing is worth it :)

14 February, 2022

Archer's Styling: LoD


Archer's Style of the Day

Hello hello,

here comes another cool styling by Archer:

*DB* Dinkies Reese Bobble Hat 

*DB* Dinkies Hipster Dress Shirt

*DB* Dinkies Reese BOM Pants

*DB* Dinkies Terence Trainers

*DB* Dinkies Jojo Leather Bracelet



Happy styling!! And thank you so much Archer!!!

♥ Lycia

Angels & Demons Costume Party with contest and prizes coming this Saturday

Little angel costume available at the costume Boutique ;)

This is just a quick reminder: 
We are going to have our first themed Party at the Village this Saturday (Feb 19th).
Theme is Angels & Demons !
We are going to dance and have a lot of fun  - and no worries DJ Nofu will not follow the theme :)))
There will be a contest board for every guest who comes dressed following the party theme and there will be prizes too :)

See you next Saturday at the BOOGIE CLUB  ♥

01 February, 2022

We get ready to Party!!



We are super happy to announce our first themed party at the Village! We plan to do that four times a year from now on and have a costume contest for you where you can win wonderful prizes - just in addition to all the fun we have anyway!

First contest is *BEST IN ANGEL OR DEMON COSTUME*. If you are dressed according to the theme, enter the Contest Board during the party - watch out for announcements - all of our guests will vote for the best outfits and 3 winners will do the happy dance in the end and get their prizes :)

1st WINNER - 1.500 LS cash

2nd WINNER - 1.000 LS GIFT CARD from the Village (except MAD MESH)

3rd WINNER -    500 LS GIFT CARD from the Village (except MAD MESH)

Nofu will get you dancing with a cool mix of music - music will not follow the theme! So, no worries we won't dance to harps and growls from beneath :P

Get your costumes prepared and saved for the party and join us Feb. 19th at Petite Village BOOGIE CLUB. We are starting at noon SLT and will dance until we drop :)

See you at the Party :))

Get into shape with YOGA :)

  *AvaLittle* DINKIES NAMASTE YOGA RETREAT at the new *AvaLittle* SKY SHOP and brand new matching Yoga Outfits new at BOMBOX ♥ Lycia