14 August, 2017

04 August, 2017

Fresh in Store: DINKIES Boxing Outfit

Dinkies Boxing Outfit

This set comes with Pants and Boxing Gloves for your Dinkie
3 color sets to choose from:
pink pants /pink gloves
black pants /red gloves
white pants/ black gloves

each set with individual prints

matching trainers are available as an extra

in pink, black, and red

(More colors can be found at Kitty Choo)

<3 Lycia

03 August, 2017

Super cute Summer outfit by Isaura

so cute <3

my outfit

Dinkies Summer Dress - tropical twist
set comes with dress, sunshades, tote bag and cute boho bracelet

Dinkies Boho Sandals (brown)

find this @ Isaura

hair: dp yumyum  style 83 brown (modified!!!)
drink: yumyum giftie today's shaved mango

<3 lycia

02 August, 2017

Ready? Take Cover :))) ( will be in store within the next days)


I do look dangerous!!! Do I?

3 sets to choose from

Pink Pants & Pink Gloves
Black Pants & Red Gloves
White Pants & Black Gloves

with a gimmick in each pack :))

should be in store until Friday <3

The DINKVERSE ALL PAWS Trainers will be available @ Kitty Choo soon 

Get into shape with YOGA :)

  *AvaLittle* DINKIES NAMASTE YOGA RETREAT at the new *AvaLittle* SKY SHOP and brand new matching Yoga Outfits new at BOMBOX ♥ Lycia