25 May, 2021

We go HD

We are proud to present our new HD Make-Up line:

(based on the new HD FaceMask)

Get it in the Dinkie Beauty Dept.

What are the benefits for you at all??

1. Higher resolution means better quality.

2. As this mask is Bento & BOM it moves naturally with your face

3. plus you still keep all the benefits of having BOM makeup layers like you are free to combine BOM makeup layers to your personal taste and/or occasion and you can wear up to 60 BOM layers (all over your body)

4. YIPPIE! This means individual looks made super easy!

06 May, 2021

Mexican Pirate Disco Party

 Already seen our new costumes / complete outfits?
Get them here

Be proud be Frida!

Jack Sparrow? WHO?
All Hand Hoy! 
Be the real one: The Black Pete!

Pirates rule!

80s Roller Disco Outfit 1
The WILD One

80s Roller Disco Outfit 2
The Aerobic One

05 May, 2021

Bring the Blog back to life

or Petite Village Blog the Resurrection :-)

Last entry was June 2018 - maybe it is time for an update :-)

Here we go - find a lot of new stuff @ the new Petite Village 

Here are some of the latest releases:

You will find them on the Spring Market

Cheers, Nofu

Get into shape with YOGA :)

  *AvaLittle* DINKIES NAMASTE YOGA RETREAT at the new *AvaLittle* SKY SHOP and brand new matching Yoga Outfits new at BOMBOX ♥ Lycia