30 July, 2023

AUTUMN sneaky peeky...


Autumn 23 sneak peek

Just in case some of you are already curious what is to come for Autumn Market... 

here are some impressions... it is going to be warm and comfortable in all shades of Autumn

new dresses, coats, jackets, pants, sweaters, skirts, denim, knit, fur, corduroy, plateau sandals, 

ankle boots, accessories, knee and overknee socks, and I can even think of more as this is my favourite season of the year :))

You might love it !

Autumn Market is going to open in the first week of September... yes, you need to be patient with me. Meanwhile, I still have tons of listings for MP to do... all the graphics and vendors to prepare 

and and and ...

♥ Lycia

Hippie Mojo Camp will be gone tomorrow...

               Our lovely Hippies will leave tomorrow!

But their cute Hippie outfits will go to Petite Village Costume Boutique and MP soon, friendship bands and jewellery will go to the Accessories Shop at the Village...

love, peace, empathy

♥ Lycia

11 July, 2023

Oh, some cool Hippies have built their Camp at Petite Village Beach...



some cool Hippies brought new outfits and jewellery to their Hippie Mojo Camp for Wootstock to Petite Village Beach. You might not want to miss it :))

♥ Lycia

09 July, 2023

If you missed the DINKIE Steampunk Costumes at this years's Fantasy Faire...

 They are now at Petite Village Costume Boutique again :)

Dinkie Steampunk Guitar

Dinkie SteamBike

Dinkie Steampunk Hoverboard

Dinkie Steamscooter

and the Hot Air Balloons

are available at Nofu's Store :)

♥ Lycia

04 July, 2023

The coolest Festival & Party Outfits for this Summer!







What is your favourite Look??

all available at SUMMER MARKET at the Village

♥ Lycia

Back from vacation :) And already busy doing stuff for you again...

 Hello and *hugs*

we hope you are all enjoying summertime and do not stick too much to SL ;) 

We have had a super month of vacation! We did some trips to the Netherlands just for  "lekker rum gukken", went to a food festival or out for dinner, shopping - and at some rainy afternoons, we started working on some new acts for our Cabaret Show :)))

Now, back from vacation there are already some things on my To-do-List, like

  • Stocking up Stores with former Market releases
  • a huge MP update
  • preparing Talent Show
  • preparing Autumn (Hay) Market with all new releases and Boothes and decor and  everything:)
  • and such...
Enjoy Summer!!!

♥ Lycia


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