20 April, 2018

First Gacha Set in Store *Dinkies Glaucous & Gold Gacha*

This Gacha Set is completely Dinkie/Tiny size
the rare Hammock Chair is stuffed with sitting and lounging animations 
for female/male Dinkies especially

*no individual adjustment necessary (though possible) as long 
as you have Dinkie standard Shape*

I am really excited if/how you like this idea to have a different style of Gacha home and decor items.
Feedback is welcome - but sorry no custom work as this is just a fun project and my rl job eats nearly all my time. <3

Find the new Gacha Set here


11 April, 2018

Spring Newness - and last Days of the Spring Market

Here comes Inspiration for a bunch of new Spring Outfits for your Dinkies :)

Whats New?

  • *DB*DINKIES Hipster Dress Shirt (several colors/ suspender version is Fatpack exclusive)
  • *DB* DINKIES Slim Chinos (lots of colors to choose from)
  • *DB* DINKIES Kat Twin-Set (tucked cardi & tee in several color combinations)
  • *DB* DINKIES Lara Skirt (boho style skirt in several styles to choose from)
  • *DB* DINKIES Mona Dress (with tucked belt)
  • *DB* DINKIES Goldie Dress with all over flower print (several styles to choose from)
  • *DB* DINKIES Denim Shirt (black wash or original blue)
  • *DB* DINKIES Hipster Dress Shirt II (several pattern to choose from)
  • *DB* DINKIES Loafers (several trend colors to choose from)
  • *DB* DINKIES Matilda Dress (casual striped dress, 5 styles to choose from)
This is a load already... but more to come :))

Find all newness here

PS:I am going to take away the market soon and rebuild for the sunny season <3


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