10 September, 2022

I am done with re-building so far :)

 Hello Hello,

I am done with rebuilding the Village for now :) We now have a fresh Dinkie Boutique with still a bit of space for newnesses. Also, A complete new BOMBOX which moved to the location of the former Village Theater which now has gone up to the sky. And finally I have build a new COSTUME BOUTIQUE - at the now location - but completely fresh. A lot of oldies are going to or have gone already to SL MARKETPLACE - and we have a lot of space for new costumes and complete outfits here too now. YAY!

You wonder why I didn't include any pics in this post?! Well, I wanted to keep up the thrill and let you explore yourself ♥

There are a few new releases at the Costume Boutique already and many more to come :)

♥ Lycia


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