29 January, 2022

Blog support by Archer!! Jifffiieee!!!


LoD - Skatermood

*Nofus Store*     Dinkie Tee and Skater Backpack
*BOMBOX*       Rook Skater Shorts, Leo BOM Sneaker Socks
*Kitty Choo*       Terence Trainers
*DBD*                 BOM Bandaid Set

Find all it at the Village

Watch out for more cool styles from Archer!

26 January, 2022

Petite Village: BOMBOX and Dinkie Beauty dept have changed places


As I again ran out of space at the BOMBOX and found it hard to find new items myself I have finally changed BOMBOX and Dinkies Beauty Dept. I personally think it came out much neater and better sorted. What do you say??

check out??

♥ Lycia

18 January, 2022

Woot! This year started with a load of work :)

 I started the year doing hundreds of MP listings! So my shoes are finally available on MP for all those who prefer online shopping :) Yay!

Also, brand-new in store


4 sets of HD BOM FACE GEMS are just released at DINKIE BEAUTY DEPT. at Petite Village - Beauty stuff is not yet available on MP - sorry.

I am now finally back to making fresh Dinkie Fashion for you...

♥ Lycia

Get into shape with YOGA :)

  *AvaLittle* DINKIES NAMASTE YOGA RETREAT at the new *AvaLittle* SKY SHOP and brand new matching Yoga Outfits new at BOMBOX ♥ Lycia