06 February, 2023

Village Gossip: What is going on at Petite Village??


What's going on there?
What's going on there?

Yes, I have been quiet for a while but not lazy at all :) We are working on a secret project for you and yes, I think you will like it :) And no, I won't tell yet ... No hints but April 20th to May 7th :P

Also, while I was quiet I have rebuilt the Village too. We now got even more shops and it is more neat and sorted again:

MySecretGarden with Dinkie Plants & Decor can be found at a new location in the backyard of the Accessories Shop now.
I took over AVA LITTLE from my alt Mimsie, which makes things much easier to organize. So we now have a complete new shop and even some new items - more is to come as soon as I get to breathe again :)
CLUB KITTEN for Dinkie Clubwear now has its own shop very close to where it was before but much cooler and with a bit space to stock up there. 

And last but not least, HOT CATURE has its own department with Dinkie Chic & Formal upstairs the CLUB KITTEN.

There is already some newness in each but more is to come in a bit.

NOW I am going to have a coffee and then I'm about to start into spring fashion to prepare your annual Spring Market with the freshest fashion trends for Dinkies. Stay tuned! Spring Market is about to open next month.

So, this is going on over here... I hope you are all healthy and happy and enjoy your Dinkie Life!

Oh, and before I forget about this... There is another Themed Dinkie Party on the Schedule by the end of the month with contest and prices and a load of fun - with DJ Nofu.

I will send out an extra Message for that as soon as we are prepared!

See you soon *HUGGIES*

♥ Lycia

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