28 January, 2024

It's been quiet for a while... Curious why?

 Hello Hello :)

yes, I have been quiet for a while. This is due to rl work - I'm working on a new project and slowly filling my etsy shop again with new items. But - you all know I do not have a big passion for making MP listings  - but yet... I already stocked up a hundred items and much more is to come!

Also, there are some changes at Petite Village coming. I gave up on the seasonal Markets because this really is a lot of work, building a new scene every time, and creating a completely new seasonal collection of new fashion items and accessories and the posters, displays and vendors and all that. Some of you even told me it was too much at a time so you could not decide on what you wanted. And you would rather love to have more complete looks. And this is what I will go for this year.

I know, many of you love our Christmas Market at the Village - no worries - Christmas Market will be back at the end of the year.

Now, having saved some time on the markets - I have ideas :) We might have some completely new events and more parties at the Village! And most probably at the end of March a little Dinkie Beach Festival with live singers and fun acts and a Party ... What you say?

Applications for DINKIES GOT TALENT SHOW 2024 will open in March too - but this year Uli Jansma has taken over the organisation of the Show Acts and will be your contact man if you plan to join the show.

Last but not least: I am going to sort and update Petite Village again during the next few weeks. This means some shops or departments might be gone for a day or two - but the main lot stays as it is. 

So, this is why I'm quiet and not posting a lot these days.

Let's make 2024 a year with lots of fun and good memories to keep :)

♥ Lycia

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