03 April, 2024



We cannot wait to see our new talents and seasoned challengers!

Applications are open now

            DINKIES GOT TALENT SHOW 2024 will go live in SL on October 12th, noon SLT.

Please make sure to save the date already!

To take part in our Show you need to be a Dinkie!

Your act on stage should at least take 2 minutes - more is even better - but not much longer than 10 minutes!

You need to join Petite Village Group for rezz rights at the Show!



Please fill in the short form to apply for this year's DINKIES GOT TALENT SHOW

                       This year, Uli Jansma  - our wonderful host at the show - is going to supervise our Talents. Please get into contact with Uli if you need any help for your act. 

You can contact Uli inworld via IM if you see him online - and notecard if he is not logged to SL.

Please be patient with him – he is a busy man – but will get back to you asap.

Uli will also send out NOTECARDS with further details and suggestions for our talents and might offer supervised rehearsal again.


Let’s celebrate Dinkie Talents and make it a Fun Event again!                  

♥ Lycia

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