28 December, 2022



Nofu and me are doing it again ! Dinkie Cabaret Show 2022 is an entertaining Variety Show with dancers and artistic acts and famous singers, and magic and special guests and even fearless stunt riders - all Nofu and me :))) You should have some fun...

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Our Concierge for the evening :)

Hop into your fancy evening attire and get ready for the Show!

Friday, Dec. 30th starting noon SLT.

We are sending out Landmark to Petite Village SKY CABARET THEATER on Dec. 29/30th

If you missed LM just pop over to the village and touch one of the Cabaret Posters for LM.

Oh, please, please, please: This is a DINKIE CABRET SHOW and everything is built and scripted for our size! Do not bring Giants to the show and please detach any companions or flutter or wings or whatelse is causing lag - it will get crowded - and everyone wants to enjoy the show.

Thanks for understanding!

♥ Lycia

See you on Friday :)))
Drinks are free...

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