18 August, 2022


 Hello Hello,

you will find some changes at Petite Village. First, DINKIE BOUTIQUE got a little makeover and looks neat and sorted again ... if you miss anything that has gone out of store, please check SL Marketplace ... Not there yet? I am working on updating MP too.

Second, BOMBOX has grown-up now and just needed more space to show you all the pretty stuff. Therefore BOMBOX moved to the former Theater at the Village (there is a box in front of the old store giving the new LM if you get lost)

Also, I am working hard on creating more BOM+ stuff for you :))))

BOM+ ??? What the DINKIE is BOM+? Ha, you will love it. BOM+ is a combination of BOM Parts and Mesh add-ons like attachments, belts, sleeves or even a skirtie :) So much more freedom to create and style :)

I am already working on my vendors and posters for so cute BOM+ blouses, tops and pants and such :))

♥ Lycia

Me is back to work...


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