01 November, 2021

The King is alive!


Elvis in Las Vegas

Hello hello,

Elvis is a Dinkie, right? And he is definitely back to stage! The complete Outfit is now available in the Costume Boutique at Petite Village.

But even more important... My ELVIS IN LAS VEGAS costume is cooperation with Veloce from WEE WONDERS.  And there is a brand-new Vegas stage with animated instruments for the complete Elvis Band available now too - and it is fantastic!

Bring Elvis back to life and let him sing on stage and let your friends join to play the band. Elvis has a number of songs to play - a complete concert if you want! Each song is individually animated with poses and authentic dance moves! And so are the different instruments from the band. You will love it!!

Thank you so much Veloce, for that new adorable stage build! ♥

Get that new Wonder here at Wee Wonders!

PS: Do not forget to feed Wee Wonders piggybank - it is always hungry!!

 ♥ Lycia

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